what is happening at KINGDOM

BUMRUSH the movie


In 2011, a series of police operations would destabilize the criminal underworld in Montreal, which was then dominated by the bikers and the Italian Mafia. Following a vaccuum caused by the raids, all signs indicated the imminence of a new turf war that would cast new players: the street gangs.

Considered by the bikers and the Italian Mafia as a neutral territory, the bar “Kingdom” will be the main battlefield of this new bloody chapter in the Quebec underworld. Following a series of attacks by the IB11 gang, the owner of “Kingdom” will have no choice but to hire a special team of bouncers. He will look for help amongst companions who were part of his old regiment in the Canadian Army tankers. Under the leadship of the one who called “The Kid,” these five extraordinary men of action—who are neither vigilantes nor gangsters—whill engage in a deadly struggle against one of the most violent street gangs in Montreal.

Inspired by real events currently happening in Montreal.


BUMRUSH - Le film